Plumbing Tools You Need at Home

Plumbing is a job that few people like but one that is necessary for most people at some point. Although you may not have the same skills and expertise as the great licensed plumbers in town, there are a few minor issues that you can handle on your own. If you have a few simple tools in your tool box, you can become a plumber and potentially keep the plumbers gastonia nc away for a little while longer. What tools are important to have at your home to resolves these minor plumbing issues?

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Plumbers Snake

A plumber’s snake is a useful tool when it is time to resolve a clog. There are snakes used for the toilet in various sizes and some for the sink, too. The official name for the plumber’s snake is an auger tool. There are several types of snakes available, including motorized and non-motorized versions. Costs of this product vary according to the style, brand, and other factors.

Basin Wrench

A Basin Wrench is another useful tool that every homeowner needs to repair plumbing problems at their home. This tool is inexpensive and sold at most home improvement stores.  A Basin wrench is used to reach hard-to-reach areas that you’d otherwise be unable to access.

Hand Auger

A hand auger is a tool that costs about $30 or less that you should include in your DIY toolbox. This tool comes in handy to resolve a variety of problems on many occasions, including when there are obstructions within the drain line, sink, or other areas of the plumbing system.

You don’t need a degree to handle simple plumbing fixes around the home if you’re prepared with the tools listed above. Be sure that you have these items on hand so you can make those repairs when they’re needed.