A Unique And Versatile Tent Can Be Rented

clear span tent rental in massachusetts

The unique tent in question is only made in the USA. It goes by the trademark of clear span. Customers who do not wish to have its versatile fixtures and fittings on a permanent basis or are taking into account budget considerations can always do a clear span tent rental in massachusetts. Versatile tent structures are informed by its fresh aura, its space and a controlled climate. Spaciousness and comforted is provided to the tent user and its occupants by taking central poles and supports out of the tent equation if you will. 

The controlled climate provided takes care of both the winter and summer months. Clear span tents are especially great for winter months. They have the capacity to stand up to winds going as strong as 85 miles per hour. They also provide users with snow load capabilities. An extension of the tents’ versatility has to do with accommodating all surfaces. No foundations are required on which to erect these tents. They can be installed on asphalt, concrete, and grass. Because they are portable and can be quickly erected and dismantled, they do make great renting companions. And while in use, not much maintenance work is required.

Depending on the occasion or the event, or purpose, renting customers have a choice among frame tents, multi-story tents, tension pole tents and small beam tents at only 22 degrees. The small beam tent is innovative for its ability to be easily installed. Design flexibility of this tent miniature allows for it to be tested in any outdoor, or even indoor, environment. Fabric is placed into a channel within an extruded aluminum beam. This seamless procedure prepares the tent and its user for maximum performances under challenging weather conditions.